About Us

Grace Community has been on a journey of growing our vibrant Christian community since 1991. We participate as part of the wider Christian Church Body on the New South Wales' Central Coast. We are an eclectic group that love to fellowship and worship the Lord together, sharing the love of Jesus to the wider community. 

We meet as a whole community and as part of smaller home churches on Sunday mornings as well as during the week where we in smaller groups gather face to face and on zoom to pray for each other and our community. Please see the upcoming section on our home page for more details on locations for our celebration services and activities. 

 We are live streaming our services through our Facebook Group. Edited versions of our services are available on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel 

Grace Community Church

So grab a cuppa and join us Sunday Mornings  - Services start around 10am 

Our Worship and Teaching style

Bible Based, Spirit Filled and Led, Contemporary, Intimate and Passionate, Spiritual Gift Released, Flexible, Relaxed. Our celebration services are normally about 1.5 to 2 hours in length. You will also find documents on the Resource page that will help you understand a little about us.

Our Mission

Grace Community aims to serve, equip and empower people to reach their Godly potential in an atmosphere of Grace within the context of Community.

Our Vision

We value Grace (God's Empowering Presence), Servant-hood, Freedom, Empowering, Facilitating, Community, Intergenerational fellowship, Community, Small group relationships, Body life ministry (using all the Spiritual Gifts) and the Prophetic.

Leadership BIOs

The leadership of Grace Community Church is encompassed within the Ministry Team, providing all pastoral leadership and direction for Grace 

Tony & Merelyn Rae – Senior Pastors

Their vision for Grace Community is to serve, equip and empower people to reach their Godly potential in an atmosphere of Grace within the context of Community. They believe that this can be accomplished by following the direction of the Holy Spirit, teaching the truth of God’s Word and by taking the Gospel into the Community.
Pastor Tony provides senior leadership to the whole of Grace Community, providing pastoral care, administration, and direction for each of the ministries and entities that are encompassed within the Grace Community.
Pastor Merelyn lends her expertise in childcare and counselling in being a voice for the children of Grace Community. Her gifting includes leading Grace’s intercession team and providing pastoral care to Grace Community.

Christine Whitehouse (Chrissy) - Ministry Coordinator

Her desire is to see the body of Christ walk in all of its giftings and beauty with strength to shine the love of Jesus to the wider community. She strongly believes that one of the core pillars of this is high quality support systems for all the ministries that Grace Community operates.
Chrissy lends her gifting in administration and media to all areas of Grace Community, providing both pastoral care and support to leadership and the congregation as a whole, wherever it is needed.